Never Again

Even with a contract binding government so plain as the 2nd amendment, and even when you have the military and all government employees swearing an oath to that contract, and even when that contract is public for all to see, it is still not upheld. Given the general right to vote, regardless of the contracts binding government, a weak citizenry will lead to tyranny.

What does a strong citizenry entail?

  • emotional stability (generally from appropriate childhoods (generally from nuclear families))
  • willingness to deny emotion in favor of logic (this is an offshoot of emotional stability)
  • financial security
  • unreliance on government (a government retirement might provide for financial security, but it will alter interests towards government (this happens to be what social security does) )
  • high enough IQ (generally above 100. And, without emotional stability, indoctrination is easy and IQ is nearly pointless in resisting propaganda)
  • interest as a citizen in the country by means of owning substantial amounts of land (if you are a citizen in a country that owns no property in that country, you may be inclined to vote a tax on those who do)

And, presently, in the United States, the non weak citizenry is relegated to two roles:

  1. join the tyranny
  2. join the pity party that thinks Donald Trump, a president backed and restrained by the tyranny Eisenhower warned about of the military industrial complex (who saw themselves as being replaced) will save us from the Hilary/UN tyranny of Fahrenheit 451 / brave new world

The best time to win the battle is before you start losing it, and it has been more than a hundred years of losing by a weakening of the citizenry. I see no method by which the citizenry’s strength can be restored . Further, enclaves are apparently not allowed (waco). Further, the notion many survivalists have that things will fall into chaos and the survivalists will come out the other end is a complete ignorance of the reality that those in charge use the method of order out of chaos to gain more control.

America represents a unique occurrence. At the same time humanity was reaching the local maximum of understanding natural law (the Law of Nations), the need for implementing a new government was pulled into the realm of concern for people smart enough and empowered to implement a new government.

Now days, hardly anyone knows the foundations of the US Constitution (the Law of Nations, the many books that preceded it, and the discussions at the time). And, the world is now full. New governments arise from corrupted revolutions, with internal and external greed as motivators, without the innocence of attempting to realize a freedom oriented system.

There will be no crusade for better government. It is a concern outside the realm of most peoples’ cares, and it requires a background understanding most people don’t have.