It doesn’t matter how bad the Democrats are. Trump won last time because:

  1. a lot of Bernie supporters didn’t vote against Trump b/c of what Hilary did
  2. Trump’s base was invigorated b/c of his campainging

Now, neither of those apply (since Hilary is not running and Trump is not enthusiastically campaigning (probably because he’s alread decided to lose)).

Additionally, the demographics have continued to change, trending towards adding more Democrats (largely consequent to immigration (and immigrants’ children))

Consequently, Trump/Republicans will lose in 2020, never winning the office again, and the Soros agenda will continue:

  1. gun outlaw (less power to the individual)
  2. socialized healthcare (more government control over the ability to live)
  3. unlimited immigration (lower IQ citizenry with more disruption b/c of non-homogeneity)

This will lead to an increase in parasitism (government corruption, welfare misuse), which will eventually sink the US, potentially ending in the military industrial complex starting a losing war.