Current State of Affairs

“Alt” communities are too stupid to model realities and project models for prediction. This is a consequence of successful modelers leaving (or never entering) “Alt” communities, and, instead, joining power structures.

Since I’ve had a correctly predicting model of Trump since before he was elected, and since I haven’t seen this model elsewhere, I will present it here.

First, to address the misconception that there is one set of power players on the Globe, there are multiple players in the game for power:
– Israel
– English Royalty
– Traditional globalists (here termed “globalists”) (see Quigley)
– US MIC (military industrial complex)
– US Intel
– Non Israeli Zionist (here termed “zionists”)
– Saudi
– China
– Russia
and there are lesser players
– Turkey
– Iran
– Japan
– Various countries

Some of these players consist of interests by other players
– US Intel is split between Israel, zionists, english royalty, and globalists
– US MIC is split between Israel and self interest

Phantom players, such as the “alt right”, are insignificant.

Globalism opposes US MIC self interest – globalism prefers UN style army over a US army, and weak individual nations.
Obama was opposing both US MIC and Israel, by reducing US MIC power (US Intel fueled Arab spring) and favoring globalism (Iran deal (perhaps plan with Saudi to disrupt Israel)) over Israel.

Consequently, Trump is a candidate for US MIC and Israel. As such, zionist media opposes him, but US MIC and Israel ensure he is not disrupted, but, rather, constrained (the ongo-ance of Mueller is a check). And, both Israel and zionists have a lot to lose in a war between themselves, and, as such, Trump only mounts insignificant opposition to “fake news”,

In progression, Israel tries to ally with China, but finds its lack of manipulation in China through zionist media, along with China’s inseparable self interest, makes China a bad ally for Israel. But, in this somewhat neutral stance of Israel, as time passes, the inertia towards socialism/statism of the US through ongoing trends (progressive education, immigration, culture) means that, after Trump, the zionists and globalists will win and continue to win elections, at which point, the event horizon towards socialism (neo serfdom) has been passed. (US MIC, which has failed to understand a weakening of the economy weakens the corporations that manufacture the arms, won’t mount sufficient opposition towards this US socialism.)

What does a socialist (statist) US mean? Internally, pretty much the same thing as seen in other statist low IQ societies (infrastructure failure, rampant corruption, slowing progress). It also means global instability. With a decreased US MIC capacity, NATO fails, China becomes a bigger player in the UN, and Chinese power increases generally, resulting in a “closer relation” between China, Korea, and Japan, and probably the “integration” of Taiwan.

With less MIC power, Israel, not finding a good ally in China, will probably succumb to Saudi’s efforts to take over the region.